Gaming has been a huge part of my life ever since I developed thumbs.  When I wasn’t playing them, I was designing them.

I’ve also developed a love for programming even since I taught myself Basic when my parents got their first computer. So naturally, my first project was a text based racing game.

Enter Command:> go faster.
“you are going too fast! you have crashed”

I made several other hilariously bad games while I taught myself how to program.  After high school, I went off to Iowa State University to round out my education. After getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering, I returned home to Chicago, and got a job at a small studio downtown Chicago making mobile games.  A person learns some interesting optimization tricks, when trying to get a game to run on a 128×128 screen with only 64k of memory.  I continued building games for awhile, then the iPhone happened.

Suddenly, I was building apps.

So fast forward today, and I’ve become an experienced developer building customer facing and enterprise apps…

…but I still make time to play games 😉